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Report Cicadas and Cicada Killers

Report Annual Cicada and Cicada Killers In Your Area

In order to help with Cicada and Cicada Killer distribution mapping of New England and the rest of the United States, below is a form for you to fill in to report your Annual cicada and cicada killer sightings. If you have a picture, it will greatly help with the indentification of the particular species and to confirm that what you have is indeed a cicada or cicada killer wasp.

Who Should Use This Form?

Users whom actually have a photo of the cicada or cicada killer in question should use this form. It will not work if you do not have a photo. We need a photo in order to confirm that you do have a cicada or cicada killer and to identify species.

You will be able to upload your images directly to our server all through this one form. If you do not have a photo then please use the Contact US form located here if you want to report your cicada or cicada killer sighting.

How the Data is Used

The data is used in multiple areas on our web site, including the sightings section and species section. This form is divided into several sections:

  1. User Information - While this information is required, your last name, street address and email addresses are never shared or published. However we will use your first name when adding information to the cicada and cicada killer sightings section of the web site.
  2. Sighting Location Information - This information is required in order for us to properly geocode the sighting location of the cicada or cicada killer and to place a marker on a Google Map of the United States. Your information along with hundreds of others will make up a distribution map of a particular species of cicada or cicada killer. Distribution maps can be found in the species section of the web site. In addition, town and state information is also published in the cicada and cicada killer sightings sections.
  3. GPS Coordinates - While not required for filling in the form, if you know the exact GPS (latitude and longitude) of sighting location, it will greatly reduce the time and effort spent in attempting to geocode the location based on the sighting location information requested above.
  4. Attach an Image - This section is used to attach your images. Right now you can attach up to three separate images by clicking the browse button next to each image form field. Once you attach your images and have filled out the other information, simply hit the submit button.

Note: If you do not have any photos to upload along with your data, please do not use this form. It will not work and you will be wasting your time and my time with a report. WE cannot verify the data in your sighting report without photos. If you have photos then please continue below.

Use this form to report Cicadas or Cicada Killers in your area.

* Indicates a required field.

We have tried to make this form as user-friendly as possible. In order to help you in filling out the required fields, please mouse over the purple question marks if you need further information.

Your Information
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Sighting Location Information
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GPS Coordinates if Known

Decimal degrees (WGS84) is the preferred map datum. If you have degrees minutes and seconds map datum, please go here to convert to Decimal degrees.

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Upload your images

Only image files with the extension ".jpg", ".gif", ".jpeg" or ".png" will be accepted. Uploading images is required.

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