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Tibicen auletes Caught on the Vineyard!

Tibicen auletes from Martha's Vineyard This is it, my last full day here. I'm really feeling the pressure. It was great to discover that T. auletes is definitely here. I've heard its call on various parts of the island. It even called a few times at my camp site. But up to this point, I have been unsuccessful in capturing one. I spent the day hiking at various Wildlife Conservation areas owned by the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank but have been unsuccessful in hearing the call of T. auletes. By this time it is getting later and later i

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Date Posted: 2006-08-13 Comments: (0) Category: Cicada Missions

Two T. lyricens Captured Today!

Tibicen lyricen on Martha's Vineyard I was getting pretty discouraged. I thought that I would be doing a lot better than I have been doing as far as obtaining cicada specimens up to this point. Time is becoming a factor. I'll be leaving on the 14th which is just two days away. So far I had only managed to obtain a T. canicularis female during the eclose process in the state forest. But things did change for me today, significantly! I found yet another wildlife refuge area run by the Land Bank. This area was known as Peak

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Date Posted: 2006-08-12 Comments: (0) Category: Cicada Missions

Martha's Vineyard Cicadas Day 2

Martha's Vineyard Cicadas Survey Day 2 I started off the day deciding to explore a little bit more of the island. I ended up in Edgartown and parked the car and walked around a bit to see what there was to see. Edgartown is a very nice and quaint little town on the western most end of the island and it was hopping with tourists. I walked along the beach for a while snapping a few pictures and taking some videos but eventually, I decided to see what I could get into regarding finding spots to hunt for cicadas. I soon discover

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Martha's Vineyard Cicadas 2006

A Survey of Cicadas on Martha's Vineyard Update 3/25/11: - The species name Tibicen chloromera has officially been changed to Tibicen tibicen.. This article has been edited to reflect that change. Well, I tell you, studying cicadas in Massachusetts get's rather mundane after awhile. Since I have only heard and caught in Massachusetts Tibicen canicularis and Tibicen lyricen cicadas. Don't get me wrong, I know for a fact that there are other species here as well. Those being Okanagana rimosa and the Magicicadas (Brood XIV will be e

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T. tibicen Survey 2006

Tibicen tibicen Update 3/25/11: - The species name Tibicen chloromera has officially been changed to Tibicen tibicen.. This article has been edited to reflect that change. My trips to Connecticut have been extremely limited due to my job during the week. This will make only the second trip I have taken this year to continue the survey of the distribution of Tibicen chloromera Tibicen tibicen in Connecticut. I went for the first time on July 29th to go over the areas I found Tibicen chloromera Tibice

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T. canicularis Nymphs Caught at Fairview

Tibicen canicularis teneral Tonight was a good night for obtaining Tibicen canicularis cicadas at Fairview Cemetery in Westford. I showed up around 10:15pm and the first tree I went to had a nearly completed molting specimen. Walking around for a while I discovered two more molting specimens and an additional three emerging nymphs! But I had a problem. If you read the article on How To Catch Cicadas, you know that it is always a good idea to keep cicada nymphs separated. If you don't they'll cling to each other in the sa

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Date Posted: 2006-08-04 Comments: (0) Category: Cicada General Info

Tibicen auletes Recorded in Connecticut!

Tibicen auletes in Connecticut For those who are interested, below is a sound recording and probably for the first time ever I might add is the calling song of male Tibicen auletes cicadas. While this species is not rare in the south-eastern part of the country, it is extremely rare here in New England. Like myself where I witnessed and recorded Tibicen chloromera Tibicen tibicen calling song in my yard here in Massachusetts, my friend and partner-in-crime Mike Neckermann recorded this gem in Connecticut. Mike and I have be

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Two Tibicens Taken from Cicada Killers

Female Cicada Killer Hey All, here's another update for you. A lot has happened over the last several days since my last update. I decided to break these down as they happened. So, Let the fun begin. The reader submissions have just about doubled so more of those will be put on the Cicada and Cicada Killer Sightings page. Two Tibicen lyricens Taken from Cicada Killers - August 2nd 2006 Like last year, I have been periodically visiting the Pine Grove Cemetery in Westford, Ma to check on the status of the Cicada Ki

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Various Cicada Stuff

Cicada mesh container. Hey all, sorry for the delay in updates but the regular job has been keeping me busy. My free time has been very limited as of late because of it but "baby needs a new pair of shoes" as the 'ole saying goes. So I have to choose between going out in the field in my spare time or doing web site updates. Guess which looses out? Yep, you guessed it doing the web site updates. I'd rather spend the time in the field. As long as I take good notes, I can get the updates done whenever I c

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