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This sections contains general news articles that don't quite fit into the other news categories. Cicadas General Info contain articles such as reports from contributors, information on first emergences during a cicada season as well as information on areas where the author has revisited. There are lots of images and videos contained within these articles. Feel free to ask questions and post comments in the comments section at the end of each article.

More Terrarium Observations from Home

2:30 pm - Back home and I was amazed to discover that the female Cicada observed earlier in the day was still ovipositing!! I watched it intently for a half hour. It stopped around 3 pm. It tried to fly away but only ended up at the bottom of the terrarium. I examined it closely. It seemed to still have some spunk in it. I decided to mark the tip of its wing with red fingernail polish so that I could tell the specimen apart from the other females and to track how long it would take for it t

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Date Posted: 2004-08-30 Comments: (0)

Another Female Oviposits in the Terrarium

Another Female Oviposits in the Terrarium I was just about ready to head out the door to check St. Patrick cemetery again but I decided to stop first and check the Cicadas in my new terrarium. Just like I reported previously, I discovered a second cicada female ovipositing in a dead portion of the lilac branch that I set up as a food source. I looked around for the male to see if he was still alive. I couldn't find it anywhere. I took a couple movie clips and some pictures of the female ovipositing. Check them out. I noticed that the

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Date Posted: 2004-08-30 Comments: (2)

Morning Visit to St. Patrick Cemetery

Eclosing T. canicularis cicada 11:00 am - After the other night's dismal showing of Cicadas, I decided to try this morning. I know that 11:00 am may seem a bit late for Cicada hunting but really, if you've read my journals, it seems that I have been finding Cicadas during all times of the day. As soon as I drove into the cemetery, I noticed a T. canicularis on a Maple tree bordering the roadway. It's a female which is no surprise as I've been seeing a lot of them lately. As I have been finding mostly T. canicularis

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Date Posted: 2004-08-26 Comments: (0)

Cicada Nymph Found at St. Patrick Cemetery

T. canicularis nymph 9:30 pm - What a difference a day makes. Last night around this time, I found tons of T. canicularis Cicadas in various stages of molting all over St. Patrick Cemetery. This evening is a little cool but it's still humid. I did a wide survey of the cemetery, including my favorite spots. I found absolutely no signs of Cicadas except some exuvia on some pine trees. This is truly unusual. The night wasn't a total waste however. I did find one nymph crawling along the ground at the base of a pin

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Date Posted: 2004-08-24 Comments: (0)

Disaster Averted This Evening!

T. canicularis cicada with problems 9:30 pm - There were many loud and violent thunderstorms that rolled through my area over the last few days so there wasn't much going on in the way of Cicada hunting. Finally though, tonight I have a chance to make it out of the house. When I arrived at St. Patrick Cemetery, there were tons of small downed branches everywhere due to the storm. I made my normal rounds. It's a warm night and also humid as hell. I noticed a small T. canicularis on a downed branch at the base of one of my

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Date Posted: 2004-08-23 Comments: (0)

Cicada Mortality, Nymphs and Other Insects

Cicada nymph mortality 1:00 pm - It's a real hot and humid day today. Too hot to stay inside so I head to St. Patrick Cemetery. Even though it's late I am hopeful. I go to the Oak tree where I discovered a nymph around this same time of day a few days ago. I see a partially emerged Cicada that looks like it is having problems. It looks like it is not positioned at enough of an angle at the base of the tree to emerge properly. Another possibility is that it may be stuck inside its nymph shell because it is una

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Date Posted: 2004-08-20 Comments: (0)

Ovipositing T. canicularis At Home.

Ovipositing cicada 3:00 pm - I started a terrarium in my home in order to contain and study my newly acquired Cicada specimens. I wanted to be able to study them in a more natural environment and also I hoped to note any unusual behavior. I got the terrarium; which is really an acquarium, through ebay second-hand. It cost 75 bucks and includes the filters and top light and everything. Not bad considering that a new one goes for about 125 bucks. Anyway, I am happy to report that one of the females started to o

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