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This sections contains general news articles that don't quite fit into the other news categories. Cicadas General Info contain articles such as reports from contributors, information on first emergences during a cicada season as well as information on areas where the author has revisited. There are lots of images and videos contained within these articles. Feel free to ask questions and post comments in the comments section at the end of each article.

T. canicularis Heard Calling Today

Tibicen lyricen var. engelhardti I went out Cicada hunting today. It was quiet all day wherever I went. I get back home after a dismal day of Cicada hunting around 4:00 pm and right in my own yard a Tibicen canicularis was calling for a mate in a big White Birch tree in my yard. I haven't found any signs of T. canicularis yet but it is clear that T. canicularis and T. lyricen must emerge about the same time, maybe T. canicularis by a week or so earlier. Still no T. lyricen calls yet (just as I figured.) As promised the

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Date Posted: 2005-07-05 Comments: (0)

First Cicada of the Season

Tibicen lyricen I found my first Tibicen lyricen Cicadas of the season today. Where else but St. Patrick Cemetery? I knew it was getting to be about that time. Last year I started hearing the call of T. canicularis on July 9th. With what I have learned last year, I suspected that Cicadas should be emerging soon (prior to July 9th) so for about a week I have been hunting. I suspected that a newly emerged male Cicada takes several days for their timbals to develop enough to call for females. I figured t

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Date Posted: 2005-07-04 Comments: (0)

Dead T. canicularis Found at St. Patrick Cemetery

Dead T. canicularis 11:30 am - Back again today. This is probably going to be the last day for me to obtain specimens as I feel I've got a lot of data to start building up the remaining pages of this new web site. Besides, it's getting cooler now (winter is coming early it seems) and I need to do work on my driveway which will take a few weeks to do. Plus I'll need to get the snow blower ready for the winter season. After all, this was supposed to be only a hobby!! At the cemetery today I have to take a wide s

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Date Posted: 2004-09-03 Comments: (0)

Another T. canicularis Female found Dead in Terrarium

11:00 am - I found the female cicada that I had marked after ovipositing expired along with the male at the bottom of the terrarium. Only one female is still alive. These 6 Cicadas have lasted over a week in the terrarium. Over all, I don't think that I'm doing too well with Cicadas in captivity. I've heard of them living a lot longer. Maybe next year I will have to try different plants. While they did seem to feed on a regular basis, I'm still disappointed that they only lived slightly more t

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Date Posted: 2004-09-01 Comments: (0)

Female T. canicularis Finally Dies

I checked the terrarium today. The dark female that oviposited briefly last evening has expired. However this doesn't mean that it didn't oviposit for as long as the other female that I marked, it just means that I didn't observe it. It may have oviposited as many eggs as the other female. It's just that I wasn't there to witness it. The male and the female that I marked still seem to be alive and well. This is strange because at least 24 hours have passed and they are still alive. Only

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Date Posted: 2004-08-31 Comments: (0)

Another Cicada Oviposits in Captivity!

Ovipositing female T. canicularis I was just about ready to head out the door to check St. Patrick cemetery again but I decided to stop first and check the Cicadas in my new terrarium. I discovered another female ovipositing in the lilac branch. This is the second female that has oviposited in captivity. I first noted ovipositing females back on August 20th, 2004. I looked around for the male to see if it was still alive. I couldn't find the specimen anywhere. I took a couple of movie clips and some pictures of the female ovipos

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Date Posted: 2004-08-30 Comments: (0)

Other Noteable Insects at St. Patrick

A true locust I left the house while the female mentioned in the previous article was still ovipositing in the terrarium. I was hoping to find some T. lyricen Cicadas today. I wasn't interested in collecting any other specimens. Unfortunately, I didn't find a single molting Cicada. Not even a T. canicularis. I decided to try to record the T. canicularis and T. lyricens singing in the trees but they didn't sing at all unfortunately. I looked for signs of Cicadas on nearly all the trees in the cemetery tod

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Date Posted: 2004-08-30 Comments: (0)

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