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Another T. canicularis Female found Dead in Terrarium

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Another T. canicularis Female found Dead in Terrarium

11:00 am - I found the female cicada that I had marked after ovipositing expired along with the male at the bottom of the terrarium. Only one female is still alive. These 6 Cicadas have lasted over a week in the terrarium.

Over all, I don't think that I'm doing too well with Cicadas in captivity. I've heard of them living a lot longer. Maybe next year I will have to try different plants. While they did seem to feed on a regular basis, I'm still disappointed that they only lived slightly more than a week.

No Luck at St. Patrick Cemetery

I have been here for several hours today. No luck finding Cicadas on my favorite Ash trees. I may have to start thinking that the season may be a short season here in Massachusetts. I did a wide survey of the area again and I did discover many exuvia.

It's difficult to tell how long they have been where they are. Maybe several days or maybe only a few hours. On my way out of the cemetery, I did discover one female. Here's a great opportunity to conduct my little experiment that I mentioned yesterday.

I'll put her in the terrarium to see if she oviposits in a few days. I think that I may do one or two more night trips to St. Patrick's to see if any more Cicadas can be found. I'd still like to find more T. lyricens. I'm still hearing males calling in the trees but it seems to be fewer and fewer as the days go by.

Night Visit to St. Patrick Cemetery

9:00 pm - I decided to do a night visit. Basically the same results. After walking doing a wide survey of St. Patrick Cemetery I only managed to find one female T. canicularis on one of my favorite ash trees. I've been here for 2 hours and this place is really starting to creep me out. I'm hearing all kinds of strange animal noises in the trees. Also strange animal alarm calls in the night sky.

Ever get that feeling that someone or something is watching you? I kept on having the feeling that I was being followed. Not by someone but something. Every time I turned around, of course there was no one there.

I get like this in a pitch black cemetery. My imagination starts to get the better of me. Afterall, I'm surrounded on all sides by grave stones. There's dead bodies under the ground here!!

Oh well, time to skeedaddle!!

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