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No Live Specimens Today

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No Live Specimens Today

Cicada nymph shell

I hit my usual spots at St. Patrick Cemetery today. It's sunny and in the 80's and it's supposed to reach 90 and humid. Heard one or two T. canicularis calls today but still no T. lyricens at all. I checked my normal spots for T. lyricen but didn't find a single specimen.

I did however find several new exuvia about the cemetery. These were obviously T. lyricen save for one which definitely looked like T. canicularis. The beech tree had as many as 6 exuvia on it. This tree I found the T. lyricen specimen at night in the cemetery. This one tree may be a particular hot spot for T. lyricen so I will be monitoring it closely.

Tibicen cicadaI also found one exuvia on a White Birch tree which is something of a rarity for around here. I think I remember finding only one on a White Birch tree last year as well. I know that Tibicen cicadas like all kinds of hard wood trees so its good to even find them from time to time on this type of tree. White Birch is a common tree here in New England.

Tibicen cicada exuvium.The thumbnail to the right is a picture of an exuvia that I found on the side of a maple tree today. I just snapped this one picture and kept on going. I get bored with snapping pictures of just plain exuvia. I took this picture home and when I looked at it, I noticed that it has something in between it's forelegs which looks something like a chrysalis but I'm not sure. Click on the image for a closer look.

I am amazed that I found no live specimens today as I am here at the same time as on July 7th when I found 7 T. lyricen specimens. Only difference is today is sunny and nice, then it was cloudy and cold and overcast.

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