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Brood XIV Periodical Cicadas in 2008

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Brood XIV Periodical Cicadas in 2008

Brood XIV Periodical Cicadas in Massachusetts

I thought I'd provide some addtional information regarding Brood XIV Magicicadas which are expected to appear in Massachusetts in 2008. After doing some digging I was provided a paper written in 1928 by Charles W. Johnson entitled "The Periodical Cicada in New England". In it Mr. Johnson states that both Barnstable and Plymouth counties in Massachusetts should experience this emergence. However, after talking with a professor at UMASS Amherst, he indicated that their last appearance in 1991 was somewhat dismal. Let's hope they're still around.

Brood XIV in Massachusetts.I actually learned that back in the early 1900's, New England experienced 5 different broods! Now, if we're lucky, we have two remaining. The 5 broods that we experienced in New England in the past are as follows:

Brood XI - (The only true New England Brood) according to Dr. Johnson. It stretched from Deerfield, Mass. to Glastonbury Connecticut and then east to Bristol County. Now this entire Brood is extinct. I believe it was last reported in 1954 or some such.

The Hudson River Valley.Brood II - Back in 1928, Brood II covered a lot of the eastern United States as far south as North Carolina all the way up into Vermont! As far as New England went, it stretched into all four western counties of Connecticut, crossing into the western portion of Massachusetts, up the Hudson River Valley into Vermont as far north as Lake Champlain! I was just there a few months back in Rutland Vermont! Unfortunately, these days, Brood II only will hit the southwestern portion of Massachusetts and Connecticut according to a distribution map of Brood II that can be found here. This Brood is scheduled to make its next appearance in 2013. You may have luck finding it in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Brood X - As you know this is the most recent brood (as of this writing) that has made its appearance in the mid-atlantic region of the United States. If you look at the distribution map here, you will see that this Brood, these days comes no-where near New England! But, back in 1911, there was a population reported in Vermont by Mr. D.E. Kent. Specifically, north of Rutland near the Addison and Rutland county line back in 1919. I have yet to uncover anything more recent to indicate any other sitings. Maybe you can look for this brood in 2021 which would technically be its next scheduled appearance. I hope I'm still around then and this web site is still around!

Brood VIII - This Brood back in 1917 was abundant in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, also it occured in northern New Jersey, but in New England was only found on Martha's Vineyard. Dr. Edward Wigglesworth and Dr. Johnson went over the ground quite throughly in 1917. The cicadas extended from North Tisbury, just east of the state road, for about two miles eastward over the "plain," covering a width of about one mile. Unfortunately, according to the latest distribution map, this brood is only found in Ohio, Pennsylvania and a small portion of West Virginia. Its next appearance will be in 2019. Lets hope we can still find it on Martha's Vineyard. I'll do some digging and report back.

Brood XIV - Next to Brood X, this brood is probably the second biggest 17 year brood in terms of distribution in the United States. What's really strange about Brood XIV (and I think I've mentioned this before) is that it covers portions of Kentucky, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virgina and West Virgina.

What I find interesting is that it skips Connecticut and Rhode Island completely, to re-emerge in Massachusetts! The question is, can this truly be right? Oh well, hopefully someone from Connecticut and Rhode Island will get in touch with me during the big 2008 emergence! I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be a busy year for me!

Update 3/21/11: - You can read more about the Brood XIV emergence on Cape Cod starting here.

And that's how it was back in the early 1900's. It's amazing how much urban development has all but wiped these insects out! Something just doesn't seem right about the whole situation. We'll be lucky if we can still experience Brood II and Brood XIV. If you can, better go and see them, I'm sure they won't be around too much longer given all the development that is going on here in New England.

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