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A Nice Trip to Connecticut for Cicadas

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A Nice Trip to Connecticut for Cicadas

Cicada nymph shell

Update 3/21/11: The species formerly known as Tibicen chloromera has been changed to Tibicen tibicen. This article has been edited to reflect that change.

Hey all, I went to Connecticut today to see what there is to see regarding Cicadas in Connecticut. With the exception of hearing T. canicularis in some locations there really was nothing to report.

Well, there is something. I did hear the call of T. chloromera Tibicen tibicen once at Elm Grove Cemtery which is where I was hearing them last year. Unfortunately, the other spots that I heard T. chloromera Tibicen tibicen were still silent.

The reason I went back to the places I went last year was to determine if there are really established populations up so far north from T. chloromera's general range. I wanted to make sure that these were not just satellite males, which doesn't seem to be.

large cicada shell.I did discover a new Cemetery to visit called Woodlawn Cemetery. I spent about an hour-and-a-half here and only found one exuvia on a blue spruce tree. It's pretty big so it can only be T. lyricen or T. chloromera Tibicen tibicen. I'm hoping its T. chloromera Tibicen tibicen because that would mean that the species has been so far north for several years at least.

A male specimen
Face Shot.

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