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Brood XIV Survey Continues on Cape Cod

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Brood XIV Survey Continues on Cape Cod

Brood XIV Slideshow

Today was another productive day on Cape Cod. I arrived in the Mashpee area on Park Road and my friend Lisa had 10 Magicicada tenerals waiting for me. We spent several hours today walking around her neighborhood noting where Magicicadas were emerging. I managed to snap a ton of photos. Rather than posting individual thumbnail links to larger photos for you to click on, I decided to put a slideshow together. Click the thumbnail below to launch the show. It's approximately 2 minutes and 55 seconds long. I hope you enjoy it.

Brood XIV Slideshow

Many Data Points Collected Today

With Lisa as my trusty navigator, we were able to cover parts of Barnstable, Sandwich, Mashpee and Cotuit adding both positive and negative Magicicada sightings. If you are on Cape Cod we are still missing areas east of Hyannis and in the Southern Parts of Falmouth. So if you are from the areas outside the documented range or even in areas where we missed please report your Brood XIV sightings.

Also, still nothing reported from Plymouth County. If you are residing in Plymouth please check in!

Many More Specimens Collected.

I collected approximately 20 males and 20 female specimens and brought them back to North Chelmsford, Ma. A place well out of their range. While I didn't collect enough to start a new brood, I want to see if I can coax the males to start singing. So far no luck. Once they start, I think I'll mix the males and females together to witness mating. Last year similar experiments were performed during the Brood XIII Emergence in the mid west. One thing that was noticed is that when males are in close proximity with each other they will actually try to mate!

Many More Data Points Added To the Maps

Sorry for the delay with launching updated maps but the data points are coming in in vast quantities, I personally like to verify each and every one to make sure the data is valid before adding them to the map, that is why it is taking a little longer than usual.

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