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A Cicada Killer Lek in Somerset, Ma

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A Cicada Killer Lek in Somerset, Ma

I was just visiting the Pierce Playground in Somerset, MA Rather than taking the stairs we walked up the paved path that is to the right . this path slopes up the hill behind the giant slide. all of a sudden I saw a large mound of dirt in the ground and the insect that emerged from it was the largest wasp I had ever seen!

We continued up the path not wanting to disturb this monumental fellow, when we realized the entire area for many square feet to either side were riddled with these nests! we continued slowly forward until there were no more.

I later went back to observe them. (I have taken beekeeping classes-thus my interest) and I saw one of them carry something very large into the nest. Later I looked them up and found they were cicada Killing wasps, I found your website and thought you might find my story interesting.

attached are one nest photo, a very bad in flight photo, and the paved path with many nests on either side.

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Hi Melissa,

Thanks for sharing these photos. Your photos show what a typical cicada killer burrow looks like and even what a small Cicada Killer lek looks like as indicated in the last photo.

Cicada Killers prefer open sunny spaces and if at all possible, sandy soil in order to make their burrows. Its easy to dig them in.

It should also be mentioned that cicada killer females also like to use openings in stone walls that are used as a barrier to land much like a retaining wall. The burrow in through cracks in mortar joints to create burrow entrances.

Thanks for sharing.

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