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Cicada Killer in Cos Cob, CT

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Cicada Killer in Cos Cob, CT

One insect approx. 1.25", sitting on flagstones or nearby boxwood bush. Would hover around as I walked by, would dart towards smaller hornet-type insects (not same kind? regular-sized yellow jackets?) if they came near. Had one of same size last year living or hiding in our stone wall. Glad to hear they're not vicious! (I'm pregnant and was a little freaked out by the size until I found your page.)

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2012-07-18 | Website:

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the photo. What you are describing is typical male cicada killer wasp behavior. They will generally stake out a small territory and patrol it in the hopes that a female cicada killer will wonder in. At that time the trick for the male is to get the female to mate before rivals show up.

While the male is patrolling, it will chase out all other male cicada killers and other insects as well.

When you wonder into its territory, it will more or less investigate you but then go about its business. Cicada killer males are harmless as far as stinging goes, they have the instinct to sting but their "pseudo-stinger" is useless.

Thanks for sharing your photo.

Posted By: Christina | On: 2012-08-02 | Website:

Sighting in New Haven, CT by Tweed New Haven Airport in Morris Cove.....

My daughter found a mound of earth at my son's house by the front walkway. It scared the heck out of both of us when it crawled out of the hole and flew at us!

Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2012-08-05 | Website:

Hi There,

Thanks for the comment. Yeah cicada killers, especially the females can be scarey because they are so large but they are extremely non-aggressive.

Posted By: Kimberly Patota | On: 2012-08-20 | Website:

I saw one on these 2 nights ago. I thought it was a moth until I saw it's stinger. It really frightened me. I was happy to locate this website. Thank you.

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