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Update: Cicada Killers in Medfield, MA

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Update: Cicada Killers in Medfield, MA

When I last messaged you on Aug. 8, I reported that on Aug. 7 I had checked the former 2008 Cicada Killer communal nest site along a paved walking path in Medfield. I found one suspect CK nest mound in the tall unmowed field grass.

Today (Aug. 21), two weeks later, I returned to the spot and found the grass there mowed. But the biggest surprise of all was finding many additional nest mounds--I counted at least 14--along the same original 30-foot stretch next to the path. Many of the mounds exhibited apparent exit holes where the new CKs must have emerged. While i was there, a single CK landed in the grass, and I photographed it. While I was there, two walkers stopped and reported witnessing many large wasps (CKs) buzzing the stretch a few weeks earlier. Although neither individual could pin down a date, one of them said it was before the tall grass was cut along the path so it must have been after my Aug. 7 visit.

I suppose it is entirely possible that I somehow might have missed the continued use of the site since the 2008 sightings. For instance, last year my two visits in late July and Aug. fell on July 27 and not again until Aug. 29. During that interval perhaps I missed any CK activity.

I've attached two pics--one of the lone CK and the other of an exited nest mound.

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2013-04-13 | Website:

Hi and thanks for the update.

Yes, generally speaking, once a cicada killer lek has been established in an area they generally exist for many years afterwards unless some disaster like a poisoning or flooding of burrows during the rainy season.

It is usually the progeny of the cicada killer females that laid eggs from the previous year.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted By: Walter Webb | On: 2013-08-15 | Website:

Aug. 15, 2013 update: On July 21 & 27, 2013, visits to the Medfield fields, we observed cicada-killers actively scouting out the old communal nest site. Yesterday, Aug. 14, I counted at least two dozen sealed nest mounds at the location. Only a few CKs were left flying over the area.

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