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Feeding Cicada Killers in Fort Dodge, IA

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Feeding Cicada Killers in Fort Dodge, IA

Ok heres some pics of those elm tree sap sucking cicadia Killers.

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-08-14 | Website:

I must say that I have seen cicada killer wasps feed on many-a-flower and have plenty of photographs to prove it but this is the first time I've seen them feeding on the sap of trees. After discussing your photos with a few colleagues, it would seem that Cicada Killers will feed on the wounds of trees. Wounds that usually come from the cutting of a tree branch or where the bark is weakest.

We do believe that this behavior is purely opportunistic and that the cicada killers did not actually cause the wounds but are taking advantage of a food source. It is unlikely that they will kill your tree and eventually a tree has the ability to heal its own wounds.

If it is for fear of being stung, not to worry, males do not sting and females are extemely non-aggressive towards humans.

Thanks for sharing these great photos.

Posted By: R Clark | On: 2014-02-23 | Website:

I sent you these pics in 2011.

In spring of 2012 the tree showed no new buds or blossoms that should come with new spring growth.

in 2013 almost all the bark has fallen off these now dead elm trees.

Fort Dodge has an abundance of Cicadia killers and I have noticed them for the last 7 years on a daily basis in July and August. I have heard of stories from friends across town eating the tops of elm trees.

I tend to believe the stories to be true because when I went to these friends homes, they showed me the holes in the ground where they burrow. I wont bother to state how these insects can be killed, as I have had enough experiance with them to know they are harmless to humans. but they do damage trees probably because of their hunger. Rich Clark Fort Dodge Iowa

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