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Cicada Killer Wasps in Milford, MA

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Cicada Killer Wasps in Milford, MA

Found dead on car in driveway in Milford, MA... Trying to find the lek for further info. I found a small hole in the ground, but havnt seen anything yet.

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2012-08-04 | Website:

Hi Tim

Thanks for sharing your photo of this dead cicada killer wasp. Judging by its size and especially that stinger, this specimen is definitely female. It looks to me that it has essentially completed its life-cycle and just died or perhaps it was struck by the car and killed on impact. That does happen some time with most insects.

Anyway, thanks for sharing and let us know if you find the lek or the burrow.

Posted By: MJGALUSZKA | On: 2012-12-20 | Website:

Hartford, CT

I believe I have found one of these, dead, in my art studio. The head is missing, probably eaten by the spiders I am constantly sweeping out. Without the head it is big sucker... apx.5/8ths" from stinger to waist, and that's a fat body as well; thorax 7/16ths" to "neck". I'm REALLY glad I did not have to deal with a live one. as I understand they sting repeatedly if cornered.

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